88 million dollars in available inventory.

Each vehicle is retail ready for your dealership. Our process is easy with our robust features.
Not to mention, our DealerLane coordinators have over 30 years of experience selling to dealers.

We stock over 2,000 superior quality
and value priced vehicles.

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Introducing DealerLane.com - Powered by Texas Direct Auto, the future of retail ready inventory! We stock over 88 million dollars in available inventory with 2000+ superior quality and value priced vehicles... each one ready for your dealerships FRONT LINE.

Each vehicle goes through our 137-point safety and certification process, including an independent State of Texas safety and emission test. But that is just the tip of the iceberg. Here in our state of the art Used Car Factory our job is to make the cars we buy, and you eventually buy even nicer. We offer the exact same vehicles to you that we offer to our thousands of satisfied retail-end use buyers!

Dealerlane.com adheres strictly to all NAAA Auction rules and your satisfaction is guaranteed. The buying process is very easy, and our DealerLane.com coordinators are experienced industry experts.

Learn how it all works

Tired of auction fees? Good! So are we. We are proud to announce NO MORE FEES. That's right -- ZERO FEES when purchasing directly from a Dealerlane Coordinator! Call us today at 281-410-6086.